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Re: United Earth? No Thanks.

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If I were you, I wouldn't scold people for "exaggerations and lies" after:

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[In the EU] the once independent nations have been turned into Soviet Republics
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[The EU is] a centralized, Soviet-style bureacracy
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[Václav Klaus is] a freedom fighter for his country, not a traitor or corrupt sell out who lick the boots for the hotshots in charge of the EU.
I also liked how you defended the policies of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, a right-wing populist who amended the (already self-tailored) Hungarian constitution to increase his own power, curb civil rights, limit the independence of the judiciary, and allow prosecution of political dissidents and religious minorities.

If he, Vladimir Putin and Vaclav Klaus are your paragons of "political decency", then I am afraid I can't offer any European politician who can compare with those titans of democracy.
The way that you dump Václav Klaus together with Putin and Orban shows that you have very little knowledge about different European countries and their politicians.

And I never defended the politics of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. I only stated that the EU bosses don't dare to expel Hungary because it would led to a domino effect with more and more countires leaving the EU when they discover that Hungary, like Iceland, Norway and Switzerland can manage without the Union.

I can also tell you that there are certain EU countries which have certain "rules" for their press which constantly omit certain acts of criminality and misuse of power because it's not politically correct to report about such things. So Hungary is not alone.

Once again, I would like to know what's so incredibly good about the European Union and the politicians who support the Union.

If I allow myself to go back on topic, I can see that the world in the Star Trek Universe has manage to get rid of poverty, opression, unjustice, environment destruction and over-population and such non-functioning systems like Capitalism and Communism. I suppose that without all that, it would be much easier to have some sort of World Government, especially when the Earth has become a member of an inter-stellar "family" which the Federation is.

Still, I do think that even an united world with some sort of World Government would be based on a confederation between the countries of the world, a confederation which has developed during the centuries and not being forced upon the citizens by some half-authoritarian World Government. Personally I believe in cooperation between countries and I do see a Star Trek-like World Government as a possibility in a future.
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