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Re: Wanted for Murder: Cmdr Riker

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^ In what way?

Look, we all know what murder is. If Riker had killed Yuta for no reason, or for something trivial, then that would have been murder. But acting in defense of another person (or yourself) is, by definition, not murder. If I kill somebody who's robbing my house or is actively trying to kill me (or somebody else), then that is never murder.

(If they're running away and I shoot them in the back, then THAT is murder, but that's not what Riker was doing.)
I wasn't referring to you specifically, just saying that in response to your comment being one of the people who are defending Riker's decision with only a moment to act. I mentioned earlier at worst this would be manslaughter after all.

A number of other people have been giving their versions of what he should have/could have done in that two second period. Hence the Monday QB comment.

"O'brien... lock on to Yuta and beam her to the.... oh crap, he's dead... well beam her to the brig anyways."
Yes but Riker was able to beam over the ship to stop Yuta, so instead of beaming over they could have beamed Yuta back to the Enterprise then contact Picad et al. to say why.

But it's very easy to say what you could have done after the event.
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