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Re: Do turbolifts have any sense?

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Because I had the impression you took an unbiased approach to the subject, I wondered if you felt that the zig-zagging turbo lift course from the saucer to the engineering hull would really make sense.

I'd say that the shape of the TOS turbo lift studio set, the apparent close proximity to the turbo shaft lights, the same width of the set as the corridor set and last but not least the little bump that sticks out flat at the top of the VFX model Enterprise near the Bridge all indicate an essential cylindrical shape of your typical TOS turbo lift car.

Where I sympathize with Faria is that less turbo shaft space means more space for rooms aboard the ship. I'm just realizing that in the course of my TOS deck plan project where the rationalization of the turbo shaft network in the saucer has become a problem and currently keeps me from considerable progress.

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