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On the one hand, it's a good action movie with enough humour, emotions and ST-references to keep a fan happy... on the other hand I feel that this movie is kind of a missed opportunity due to trying to keep fans happy.
Orci & Kurtzman are fans. Any "fan service" is because they are adding things that they'd like to see in a ST movie. If other fans are happy, that's a bonus.

And we didn't really get a reason for his conflict with his daughter. I'm a fan of connecting people and places, but those connections have to have explanations, they don't just work because TPTB want them to.
Huh? Carol had no conflict with her father until she got curious about all information on the torpedoes vanishing from Federation databases. She states this in the movie. From there, we see her squirm as she learns more and more about the admiral. When we do.

The same applies to Khan. Did Harrison really have to be Khan?
No. But it they kept him as an all-new villain, people would now be ranting about a "lost opportunity" to revisit Khan.

I felt that was forced because just the name doesn't bring back the character itself.
It did, for all the people I've seen the movie with.

And that takes away from the suspense.
I've just seen the movie for a fourth time. This movie has plenty of suspense!

It's no longer a question of who's right, but rather of when is he going to reveal himself.

But why cheapen Kirk's sacrifice via Khan's all-healing blood?
You wanted Kirk to stay dead?

Did Uhura really have to have such a big role
Ask Nichelle Nichols.

I'm a fan of using characters when it makes sense
Made sense to me.

Back to Carol Marcus: In the last scene when the Enterprise is recomissioned and Kirk welcomes her as a member of the family... when she turned around after that, I definitely wouldn't have been surprised had she been pregnant...
Some plot threads are fun to be left dangling.

Unfortunately, around here the movie was only available in 3d, but I think it would have worked better for me without it. Lense flares *and* fast movement *and* 3d were a bit too much IMO.
The 2D DVD will be out by Christmas.

it's going to be original material
Like this one? And a few homages and callbacks to a 31-year old movie do not make a crime.

a bit less action-heavy.
Yeah, we want to hear the heavy-handed messages about tolerance, meetings around long tables about interstellar diplomacy and the rescue of the Andorian ambassador from the surface of Sylax IV. Until we wish everyone was dead.,14333/

Let the characters grow and shine
They did!
Thiptho lapth! Ian (Entire post is personal opinion)
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