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Re: Wanted for Murder: Cmdr Riker

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I have to disagree. Riker saw that the second shot he fired sent Yuta reeling. He could have given her a two or three second hit with another one of those...
But we know from The Undiscovered Country that a phaser on stun can kill at close range.
So what? Riker was shooting from several meters away. If the stun setting is lethal at that distance, it's not exactly a stun setting, is it?

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From there, it would be a simple matter to beam her back to a confinement cell to turn her over to the Acamarian authorities.
The how long does she sit in prison? Do we even know if the Acamarians have a death penalty? Riker could've just as easily been sentencing her to death by incapacitating her and handing her over to them.
Are you seriously presenting this as an argument to support Riker killing her? Because if he didn't, she might face a long prison sentence? And even if the Acamarians were going to kill her, then it is still in accordance with their legal system. Riker has absolutely no grounds for interfering with the legal process of a civilisation that is not a member of the UFP.
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