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Re: Wanted for Murder: Cmdr Riker

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Or maybe a sustained shot on the second setting -would- have killed her in an agonizing fashion and Riker chose a comparatively painless method when she persisted on attacking. Never know.
Speculation. Anyway, she seems to be quite resistant to phaser fire, so I doubt a sustained burst would do any serious permanent damage.
And that's not speculation?
No, it's not.

We see how she reacts to the second shot. She has less of a reaction to it than a regular person being hit with a taser. And I base this on THIS video of a guy getting shot with a taser.

And then, we hear four little beeps as Riker increases power, and we see that the phaser is set to MAXIMUM.

So, Yuta is hit by a phaser shot only four settings below the absolute maximum, and it has less of an impact on her than a taser.

So no, it's not speculation that she's resistant to phaser fire.
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