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Re: Romulan origin question

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It makes me wonder exactly how long Vulcans have been a spacefareing species, if an offshoot of them on another planet had time to develop into another species. They should be all over the galaxy by now.
Romulans aren't a separate species. Their differences with the Vulcans are mainly cultural.

Surak lived in the 4th Century and the Vulcans seem to have been a space faring, advanced culture at that time. Though the wars of that period probably caused a "Dark Age" where much advancement was lost and many things had to be rediscovered afterwards. My assumption is that contact with most of Vulcan's colonies was lost at this time and those worlds evolved into different cultures.
Saying this though, the Romulans certainly had different physiology to Vulcans. In TNG Episode 'the enemy', Crusher tried to use methods used to treat Vulcans on a Romulan with no effect. And in TOS they were able to distinguish Spock's life signs from the Romulans.
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