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I saw the movie 2 weeks ago and still haven't been able to make up my mind about it.

On the one hand, it's a good action movie with enough humour, emotions and ST-references to keep a fan happy... on the other hand I feel that this movie is kind of a missed opportunity due to trying to keep fans happy.

* Why have 2 villains - and neither of them really fleshed out? Introducing Section 31 was a nice touch, and it makes sense in this nuTrek-universe, and it would have worked as kind of a background thread that weaves throughout a couple of movies, kind of a plot arc, but Adm Marcus came across as paranoid warmonger. And we didn't really get a reason for his conflict with his daughter. I'm a fan of connecting people and places, but those connections have to have explanations, they don't just work because TPTB want them to.

The same applies to Khan. Did Harrison really have to be Khan? I felt that was forced because just the name doesn't bring back the character itself. So why not have a genetically engineered villain called Harrison? Section 31 could have worked with volunteers and genetically enhanced them - and then used them as kind of toy soldiers. Harrison escapes and starts his revenge. Khan's background wasn't changed, since the Botany Bay has been in space for generations, so every one (i.e. ST-fans) knows he's evil. And even if he's able to make sense to this Kirk we as the viewers know his real agenda. And that takes away from the suspense. It's no longer a question of who's right, but rather of when is he going to reveal himself.

* I really liked the symmetry of the death scene to TWOK. But why cheapen Kirk's sacrifice via Khan's all-healing blood? When I saw that scene in the trailer I thought it would be Pike sacrificing himself in the TWOK-way. And honestly, in retrospect I'd have preferred that to this rather simple resolution (and Pike's senseless death early in the movie). And it would have meant that there's no ready-made all healing blood lying around in some cryochamber on Earth for future use.

* Did Uhura really have to have such a big role, being in practically every scene and talking about emotions whenever (in)appropriate? Saldana's a big name now, granted, but I'm a fan of using characters when it makes sense, not just because the actors have to have a certain amount of screen time.

* Back to Carol Marcus: In the last scene when the Enterprise is recomissioned and Kirk welcomes her as a member of the family... when she turned around after that, I definitely wouldn't have been surprised had she been pregnant...

* 3d: Unfortunately, around here the movie was only available in 3d, but I think it would have worked better for me without it. Lense flares *and* fast movement *and* 3d were a bit too much IMO.

I certainly hope for the next movie that it's going to be original material and a bit less action-heavy. Let the characters grow and shine - after all that's always been the strength of ST. At least IMO.
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