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Re: Star Trek Continues "Pilgrim of Eternity"

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GR wrote a TON of "Have Gun Will Travel" episodes (I think about half)
Nope. IMDB lists him on 24 episodes out of 225, so about 1 in 10.

On to the STC episode...

A very solid effort. One of the best fan films...but still obviously a fan film with all that implies. For example, too much attention paid to connecting the dots (holodeck, counselor, etc.), and stunt casting.

I know lots of people don't like Vic, but despite his obvious Shatner impersonation I found him the least cringe-worthy fanfilm Captain yet. I don't usually comment on the acting in fan-films because mostly the performers are not trained actors, but in this production there's a real clear divide between the cans and cannots which makes the latter stand out in sharper relief. Michael Forest was the best actor in the thing by far, but that's not surprising.

The episode has the best camera work I've seen in one of these, and the quality of the photography is a bit better than Phase II on the whole, but still suffers from underlighting. Engineering, turn on some lamps!

There are some of the usual mismatched eyeline problems, e.g. in the corridor Dr. McKennah looks screen right at Apollo. Apollo look screen right to her. Oops.

And, as with almost all fanfilms the Captain doesn't motivate the action of make hard decisions. Here he's acquiescing and seeking consensus; this is inherently anti-dramatic.

Jamie Bamber = Apollo. haha

While I have issues galore with the opening scene, if you gotta stick subtle homage in, having the cowboy be Paladin from Have Gun Will Travel is a damned good & sneaky choice.

The shot of Kirk being dangled in the air is terrific.

I see some people have given away plot points, but I'm going to Spoiler Code my detailed critique points so as not to ruin any surprises.

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