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Re: Offiical XBox (3) Launch Thread

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SO because people will crack them, they shouldn't try.

That's like saying people will break into peoples home but the police shouldn't try to stop them.
No, more along the lines of they shouldn't beat guests as they come in to your B&B because there's burglaries been reported in the area.
No it isn't, piracy is a crime. It is only natural developers will want to implement measures to try and combat a loss to their revenue. Now we as a consumer might not always like them. And yes some people will crack them. But just because crime does and will happen doesn't mean that it should stop being fought.

You are a games developer, one console is trying to help you combat this by somesort of DRM measure. The same console is changing the way second hand games are handled so you as a developer will earn a share of the re-sale of a game.

Either with a first-time buyer or a re-sale you earn money. Sounds like a win to me. So the X1 might be more attractive to devlop for, do exclusives for.

Now of course some of the featues might put off some people from buying the console, the question is how big is that perentage? <1%, 1%, 10% etc...

We now accept DRM measures on PC games, and I suspect there where the same complaints when it was brought in for PC's as there is now about consoles. That isn't to say the measures they are bringing in are the right measures, would many of us object to having to enter a code like we do now on most PC games?

The primary issue should be around the 24hr log on issue. Perhaps the 24hr log on issue is to do with checking to make sure no one else is using your copy of the game? Though I think if you don't have the internet the console should work without the check, and perhaps only check if you've set the console up so that it is connected to the internet.
Yes, piracy is a crime they want to stop, but they're hitting legitimate customers to try and stop it. You're hurting the people who pay their way to get the people who don't. Back to what Valve said. They were launching Steam in Russia and were told there was no point, piracy is so rife in Russia no one will buy games from you. Russia is now their second biggest market because they run a good service with good prices and good support. Yes, piracy still happens but now games publishers are getting more money from Russia because they Valve treated their customers with respect.

Video piracy from Torrents has apparently taken a huge drop in every country a Netflix (like) service has emerged because of affordable, legal, easy access to lots of video, so again piracy is held back by giving people the choice to use a decent service.

They already have DRM measures on consoles. The firmware updates add extra security. And piracy for consoles isn't a new thing, there were copies for the NES, it's a big part of what killed the Dreamcast, it was so easy to pirate for it sold very few games, the Xbox 360 has been hacked for years. MS started banning people and then they came up with a hack that was harder to detect.

The choice here isn't let them continue and lose revenue or do something and make more money, there are hardcore pirates who are people who spend very little on buying in the first place and will continue to pirate and hack everything they can. There's no extra money to be made there and limiting their access really means nothing to them.

There are people who pirate because they can't afford what they want to play so they might go off and buy secondhand, which you're now effectively making more expensive, so not helpful to these people and may drive them away from the platform and lose what little money they were able to spend.

And there are people who pirate to try before they buy or because they don't have access legitimately. Sony have made a good choice here in allowing time limited access to full games via the cloud. Giving them a decent service where they can try before they buy and get access to games from all over the world at the same time may lead to more revenue from these people but this isn't about locking them in to an always on, totally locked system.

Harming the experience of the people who pay is not a good system. They realised that with the anti-piracy ads on DVD, they're now skipable and say thanks instead of calling you scum. Music industry has received a bump in sales since switching to MP3 from DRM'd systems because people who buy legitimately can find them easily and aren't restricted in their use. And streaming services mean they can find what they want legitimately.

Basically treating your paying customers like scum alienates people and pushes them away. Fight piracy by trying to take on the chipmakers, the forums that share how to do it, the websites and whole industry behind pirating things, and by realising that there are gaps in the market that piracy is filling and finding a way to fill that gap not by attacking those who want to buy your products.
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