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Re: RLM - Half in the Bag does STID [SPOILERS]

6 months from now most of you guys will be agreeing with almost everything these guys are saying. This movie is well directed and excellent visually... but the script and story logic is about as well written as if you took a room full of 3rd graders and asked them what they wanted to see in a star trek movie.
It IS Star Trek: Fast and Furious. The plot made no sense and has as much substance as the Transformer movies. Which is none.
I do like the movie. And I am resigned to the fact that this is the type of Star Trek we will be getting from now on. But man, I am tired of seeing people defend this movie as if its a great movie and a real thriller brain teaser of a movie. Take Mission Impossible and Fast and Furious and mash them together and add some Star Trek and you have Star Trek Into Darkness
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