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Re: Star Trek Continues "Pilgrim of Eternity"

I really enjoyed this. They managed to capture the feel of the original series better than any fanfilm I've seen and the cast is really strong. Michael Forest was great, Vic Mignogna makes a very Shatnerian Kirk and Chris Doohan does his father proud as Scotty. And I LOVED that Uhura got to sing a song!

I can't wait to see more from this team.

Sir Rhosis wrote: View Post
Nice to see Michael Forest again. Have to admit I need to rewatch as the on-again, off-again hairpiece threw me as it came sorta out of nowhere in sickbay (the first time, iirc). Strong -- has hair; weak -- balding, I suppose.
Yeah, the hair grew back when he had powered up- after the church session in the rec room and after his sacrifice in sickbay.

DCR wrote: View Post
Larry Nemecek as Bones. He wasn't bad, I liked the expressiveness of his acting, but I liked Chuck Huber better in the vignettes. I think part of the problem is that he seemed a bit too much like Dr. Piper from the first pilot than McCoy...
Doctor Piper was in "Where No Man Has Gone Before." "The Cage" had Doctor Boyce.
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