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Re: Dominion War Contingency Plan: The Omega Molecule.

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So what if it's not stable, that's still a hell of a weapon. Wipe out entire enemy planets and I'm sure detonating one among their fleets won't be healthy either.
Do we really know for sure its not stable? I mean, I know the whole exchange between Saavik and David in TSFS, but isn't it possible, and maybe just as, or more likely that the improper detonation of the Genesis device was to blame for the instability. Instead of a dead rock in space, you've got a nebula and a lightly manned star ship for it to "planetize".

Anyway, sorry for the off-topicness.
In universe, I actually find the Genesis Torpedo Contingency more likely than the Omega Molecule Contingency as a 31 plot. Mainly because of the difficulties with containment.
David said the only way he could make the matrix stable was by protomatter. Maybe there was another way, but it would take a lot to discover it, especially if Starfleet mothballed the project and stopped all research.
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