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Re: Your top 10 Voyager episodes!

My Favorite 10 Voyager Episodes

B'Elanna climbs aboard a bomb to diffuse it.

Tuvok has flashbacks of serving on Sulu's ship.

Future's End
The one with Sarah Silverman.

A fleet of Borg Ships pass by Voyager to flee from Species 8472.

Day of Honor
Stranded in space, B'Elanna tells Tom she loves him.

B'Elanna tells Tom that she meant it and they kiss.

A weeping Seven of Nine says, "You are hurting me" to super lifeform.

The Voyager Conspiracy
Seven of Nine becomes paranoid and sets Janeway against Chakotay

Author, Author
The funny holodeck novels - "It hurts when I do this."

Renaissance Man
The Dr. thinks he's dying and professes his love for Seven of Nine in front of everyone.
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