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Re: Amok Time doesn't make sense.

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It just seems like a gaping hole in logic in the story line...or lazy writing.
No to both.
Could you explain to me how it makes sense then that T'Pau should leave out that rather important detail to Kirk (especially after Spock tells her that Kirk does not understand that Spock will do what he must)?
Two things.

First, T'Pau affirms that the challenge was lawfully accepted. Therefore, under Vulcan law, it was not necessary for her to spell out all the consequences. Humans have a similar principle. That should be the end of it right there.

But, second, a recurring theme in the episode is that Vulcans are very secretive about their barbaric mating rituals. As a high-ranking Vulcan, T'Pau would not violate that trust. From the dialog, evidently Kirk could refuse the challenge only by claiming status as a non-Vulcan. That catch-22 means that the humans who beamed down with Spock could only be all the way in or all the way out of the ritual; the need to have it all explained in order to make a decision would mean automatic de facto refusal of the challenge, with no further explanation whatsoever, to keep the secrets. In that case, another champion would have been selected. Kirk didn't want that, because he was trying to save Spock, so he made a foolish assumption, but in any case the one that gave Spock the best chance. T'Pau's lips had to be sealed in order to protect Vulcan customs from outsiders.
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