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Re: Amok Time doesn't make sense.

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Why not? Willfully endangering the life of a Starfleet Captain has got to be grounds for (at the very least) a reprimand of sorts.
Kirk had volunteered to obey Vulcan law. So, no.

Besides, who in here really thinks that T'Pau couldn't see that McCoy might be up to tricks with his hypo? No doubt she was concerned primarily with making sure the forms of the ritual were obeyed. She had no other dog in the fight.
I agree that Kirk had to obey Vulcan law, but the full context of the situation was not made known to him. I mean really, shouldn't T'Pau have at least said something to Kirk like, "by the way, if thee loseth the combat it means thou shalt be deadeth. Art thou sureth thou wisheth to accept the challenge, or wilt thou punketh out?"

For that matter, wouldn't Spock have let Kirk in on the possibility that he might have to fight someone to the death when he confided to Kirk in his quarters about what was happening to him? It just seems like a gaping hole in logic in the story line...or lazy writing.
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