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TWOK Theatrical vs Director's is a difference of exactly 3 min and 30 seconds.

Act I from the begining to Kirk's disrupted conversation with Carol---has @1min 10 seconds of added footage
1. glassess 7 seconds
2. Preston 50 seconds
3. Carol/Chekov extended 13 seconds

Act II up till Kirk yells Khaaaan has @1min 53 seconds added
4. Extended Regula debate 8 seconds
5. Extended McCoy/Spock debate 21 seconds
6. Kirk/McCoy discussing Khan after preston's death 1min 24 seconds.

Act III the remainder of the movie has @25 seconds addedd
7. Jeffrey's tube dialogue 15 seconds
8. 'Human ego' dialogue 10 seconds

and there is another 2 seconds that are during the opening logos.

Of course not all the additions are great, but any version where I get to see more of De Kelley as McCoy---well, I'll suffer thru a couple of weak lines by an average actor.

But McCoy and Spock having a slightly longer argument and McCoy and Kirk having one of their trademark heart to hearts and Spock ribbing Kirk about the human ego, is what Trek is all about to me.

3 scenes with additions each for Spock and McCoy and 6 scenes with more Kirk--I'm grateful for it and sadly we'll never see them work together again.

Weird fact---for those of you who might say that even a few seconds can slow down the pace of the movie........

Well as a format Blu-ray is just a fraction slower than DVD and film.

So the theatrical cut of the Blu-ray is 9 seconds longer than the DVD, despite being the exact same cut.

It's the same for all movies, put in a copy of any movie--even ones that came out same day like when Iron Man 3 comes out. The Blu-ray will be 8 to 10 seconds longer than either the movie in theater or the DVD that comes out the same day.

Hopefully 8 to 10 seconds is below your threshold for ruining the pacing!
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