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Re: Do turbolifts have any sense?

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I always wondered how they could take a turbolift on basically any of the Enterprises and get to main engineering as we see them do quite often. They're consistently cylindrical shaped which pretty much means they're up/down only. And in all the turblolift scenes where they fall/get stuck they're always in a giant elevator shaft with no way out other than the crawl ways or prying open doors.
perhaps mr. comsol should redesign them to be spherical. like balls in a pinball machine. im sure thats how gene originaly intended them to be.
That's how they were in the the 2013 "Star Trek" game. The actual turbocars are cylindrical, but they sit inside of a spherical cage that "rolls" in the shaft at perilously high speeds. My impression is that only a few of the turboshafts even travel in straight lines in the Abramsverse and that diagonal/slanted/curved shafts probably exist in this version of the ship.

Which both justifies our feelings about diagonal turboshafts in the "neck" of the ship (in which case the ride from the shuttlebay to the bridge could be an almost straight line with a minor direction change in the saucer section) and explains the putative turboshafts through the pylons to the warp nacelles. OTOH, the NuEnterprise has a lot more ladders and stairs than any other version of the Enterprise save the TOS ship, so it seems to me that the turbolifts either function as rapid vertical lifts between decks or "express line" transit between major areas.
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