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Rewatching TNG

I just finished the last episode of DS9 today (I watched the whole series for the first time recently and it ended today) and am moving on to re-watching TNG. I watched most of it when I was younger, but that was a looooong time ago before I was even really into Trek. I am a huge fan of VOY and DS9, so I hope TNG will be just as wonderful. The final season of DS9 was really amazing and has left me extremely happy that the show was so incredible, but also sad that my first watch is over. I wish there was more for me to watch... but alas, it is over.

Anywho, I finished VOY in 2 months, then DS9 in 2 I am expecting to finish TNG in roughly the same amount of time.

I just finished the first episode "Encounter at Farpoint"...and I completely forgot how Deanna Troi looked at that time!!!! Her gigantic 80's-ish hair!

I think she was much more attractive when she guest starred on Voyager as an older, more mature woman. Also her English accent was much thicker and more genuine on VOY and in the movie Nemesis than it was in the beginning of TNG. It seems as though, on TNG, she was stifling her real accent or something. At least in the first episode anyway.

Is it just me or do others agree that her later-self is much more attractive? Not that it matters to the story or me rewatching...just an observation and wondering what other people think?

Early TNG:

Later Troi:
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