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Re: TrekCore: "Important News about DS9 in HD Coming May 10"

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Q: Would people who do not like things 'changing' in remastered versions object if the repeated 'battle scene' in the final episode (pulled from a couple of previous episodes) was replaced with a new battle sequence? It bugs me tremendously that there basically isn't a new battle scene in the final episode, and that the 'epic confrontation' we had spent four years building up to was basically... a clips show. Given that this was PURELY the result of budgetary problems- that the original creators, given their druthers, would have included a new VFX sequence- would anyone object to these sequences being replaced?
I would actually love it if they remade the entire battle sequence and made it all unique. Maybe bring back past directors and try to create something worthy. I know that there are DVDs with multiple angles, where you could watch a video clip from one angle, and the same video clip from a different angle. It would be better if they included both options for those purist out there, and those who would love to see the Battle of Cardassia in full.
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