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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

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I'm fairly confident that Hangover 3 will beat STID but the word of mouth and the reviews of Hangover 3 are so awful that I wouldn't be surprised if some choose STID over seeing H3. Here's hoping.
Well, in Hangover III we see what it means when a big movie franchise actually underperforms...for anyone who confused Star Trek with one last weekend.

Apropos of theater crowds...I went to Fast And Furious 6 this evening (and there was a Mustang in it, a '69 fastback that gets chewed up real bad by a tank). Now this movie is, of course, a humongous hit this weekend. I went to an 8:00 PM show on the movie's first Saturday. The crowd was young, high energy, lots of loud reactions to the movie, etc. Nonetheless, the theater was only about 75% full.

So I think that movies open so wide and theaters run so many showings of them on multiple screens that actually selling out an showing is probably not that common these days.

And BTW, there were more than a few women on screen dressed in bikinis or less, but I'm guessing that none of the FF franchise fans are on the Internet starting angry topics about how "gratuitous" it was.
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