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Re: is babylonian 5 any good

Unless you live in communist China, your public library should ave everything... Unless they've been stolen or treated very poorly and then sold because they're falling apart.

Don't just go to your nearest convenient library, check the online catalogue, which should tabulate all the libraries in your district/area/city/state-whatever as one giant database, and then a white panel van will drive for hours to bring that book to your personal library.

Ditto for comics.

The Comics abut Valen are god damned awful.

For gods sake man! A comic book is like being given the reigns to a movie with a trillion,trillion dollar budget... And this is all you could squeeze out of the the Minbari not born of Minbari's endgame?

Isn't there times in life when you just want to say things like...

"They're using you! They're using you!"


"There are things that have been happening for the last year that we have not been allowed to tell you!"

Fox News is being reamed somehow by the Establishment.

I'll stand up for FOX News' right to be a fear mongering asshole, but I'll snigger and smirk while I'm at it.
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