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Re: Holy pyramid scheme, Batman!

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I have done extensive research into these online things in the hopes of maybe getting in on one, but the more I see, the more I'm convinced that they're ALL scams.

Any of you guys know of one that isn't?
If they sound like scams they probably are. There is no free lunch, especially not on the internet. You might make a few pennies via producing Youtube videos that are actually watched but that is no free lunch and certainly no way to get rich.
Getting rich isn't the goal. Finding something I can do from home since my cerebral palsy has made an eight hour a day job impossible is.
I had a work from home job through ODesk a couple of years ago. It was very boring and repetitive work and I was paid about $8.00 an hour, which was considered VERY good for that type of data entry/web search work, because normally what companies do is contract this work out to those in other countries who aren't subject to minimum wage and are willing to do the work for as cheap as $2.00 an hour. The company I worked for was a web company just starting out and very optimistic about what they would be able do and who they would be able to hire. Within just 3 months they cut the contractors in half, and I made the cut because I did fast and efficient work. Four months after that we were all cut loose as they couldn't afford to pay for this type of work anymore.

So basically, if you get really lucky and find a unique opportunity, you may be able to benefit from it. However, it isn't likely to be stable or reliable work. And it likely won't pay very well at all.
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