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Re: Wanted for Murder: Cmdr Riker

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Look, we all know what murder is.
Murder is killing someone in a illegal mannor. But is what Riker did strictly illegal? I would say no.

Yuta was only four feet from Chorgan when she made her final lunge, from where Riker was standing there was no way he could have moved to physically stopped Yuta. Riker could not have tackled her, restrained her, grapped her. He was too far away.

And she was moving toward Chorgan when she was shot, even if Riker had knocked her unconscious with the last shot, it's possible she still might have fallen on Chorgan, killing him.

Yuta wasn't just stepping towards Chorgan that time, she was basically leaping at him. She only had to touch him.

Mr. Laser Beam wrote: View Post
The only exception I'm aware of is if the perp turns tail and flees. You can't kill them if they do that
Yes of course you can kill them if they're running away. If you're the police (civilian or military), and you confront someone who is believed to be a mass murderer, and they suddenly turn and flee ... hell yes you can in the performance of your duties empty your gun into their back.

What possible reason could you as the police have in deliberately letting them get away?

In the scene in question, Riker was "the cops."

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