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Re: is babylonian 5 any good

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The Centauri trilogy I have but have yet to read because of my Peter David allergy, but I have every intention of getting over it and reading them. Vir was much better round. Crusade was more interesting after reading Galen's story in the technomage trilogy.

Psi Corp trilogy was a quick read and had some excellent Bester development.

I suppose I shouldn't handwring over people's failure to read the technomage trilogy when I've failed to read the Centauri trilogy.. but KingDaniel if you are reading this you of all people still have no excuse considering how much abysmal Treklit you've read and retained.
I haven't read any of them i've been hunting the books but have only found a few, and I don't want to start reading a set until I have them all, for fear that I would go mad if I couldn't finish a story.
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