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Re: is babylonian 5 any good

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The thing is, though, people can like completely contradictory works of art. Liking DS9's treatment of the Prophets (which I didn't, BTW) doesn't necessarily mean that person would think the treatment of Vorlons was outrageous; they're different shows with different ideals, even if they do have stuff in common. Batman is Batman, but I'm able to enjoy both the Dick Sprang, bright and colorful, Robin-with-no-pants era Batman and the Frank Miller, hidden in the shadows, breaking people's arms Batman. Liking a particular work of art does not preclude one from liking a work of art that goes in a different direction.

Interesting, BTW, that you chose Severed Dreams as B5's equivalent of "Sisko going into the cave of Mt. Doom;" surely that'd be Z'ha'dum?
Sisko puts down the rebel Prophets and restores authority, whereas Sheridan, well, Sheridan does not. But in one way, Sisko's supreme orderal finds Sheridan's counterpart in "Comes the Inquisitor."

Sheridan doesn't talk to the Vorlons like Sisko talks to the Prophets and I don't think it's merely a matter of the show's different styles. It's a little like perceiving a movie that presents a Civil War story that presumes the Confederate version to be more or less the same as one that presumes slavery is both wrong and the cause of the war. (Except that a science fiction story has no objective truth to go by.)

Does Sisko treat the Prophets like a more or less normal human being possessed of morals and reason? Or does Sheridan treat the Vorlons likewise? I don't see how you can think both are equally valid as characters, at least not without more or less ignoring everything but the most superficial aspects.
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