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Re: "Because you needed each other" The Kirk Spock ALL GUSHING Love Th

Ooops came across this thread.
Maybe I'm taking this thread the wrong way.
But I wonder if the S/U in STID had dampened the K/S. Although there was the Spock meets Marcus scene on the shuttle.

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It is time to revive this thread.

In honor of my attempt to lure Spock/Uhura Fan here I am posting this beautiful photo of these beautiful lovers.

I just see a very yummy McCoy/Urban

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I do love my NuSpock.

But. I love my women more.

And as a btw.. how many women were on that Admirals panel thingie in ST:XI? Someone go back and count for me.
I saw a number of women in the captain/first officers meeting before Khan mowed them all down. But saw no women when Adm Marcus was chatting with the higher-ups admirals after that disaster.
Still its better than TOS but thats not saying much
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