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If STID was a SNW submission... (SPOILERS)

One thing that has bugged me about Star Trek Into Darkness since seeing it is how much it seems to be Trek by fanboys for fanboys. This is to say it's the kind of Star Trek story I would have written at the age of twelve, one with no regard for the rules of the universe and rules of common sense.

I remember seeing the Strange New Worlds submission guidelines and as I recall they specified no uber-ships, no Mary Sues, no shocking secrets about the pasts of the main characters and no reset buttons. STID has all of these of course, plus an evil admiral to boot.

So the question is, had STID been a submission for SNW, would it have been laughed out of consideration? It's TWOK all over again except Khan beats the snot out of Spock AND a whole squad of Klingons! Kirk punches Khan over and over again but doesn't even give him a headache! Carol Marcus isn't a bitchy mom anymore, she's a hottie who does a stripshow for Kirk in a shuttle! And the new ship is the USS VENGEANCE!!! now with 3X the speed and power of the Enterprise. We'll also do that touching death scene from TWOK but switch it up so that Spock is the one who gets all emotional... and he'll be so upset that he'll yell KHAAAAAAAAN! And Kirk will die fixing the warp core but it's all good because Khan's blood cures anything, as we'll see when Dr. McCoy randomly injects a tribble with it! And let's not forget some clumsy 9-11 allegories as well.

I know the screen and the page have different needs and it's a lot easier to sell the explosions and badassery of the villain on screen. But I can't help but feel like if STID had been submitted to SNW it would still be causing the editors to chuckle over how amateur and silly the story was.

Having said all this, I should clarify that I liked STID but that it is not without its flaws and that while it is a great action movie it is not good Star Trek.
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