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Re: What did you like/dislike about Into Darkness (Spoilers)

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Goldsmith and Horner's music drove so many scenes. I see no sign of this Giacchino's. The closest would be the Enterprise's reveal in the first movie.
Or the whole London sequence of events in STID.

Besides, I presume you haven't watched either Star Trek or Star Trek Into Darkness without their scores. So you are not really in a position to say that Giacchino's music doesn't drive the scenes nor support or enhance them.
For me, I can listen to the entire soundtrack (if it's a good one) and visualize everything that is going on at that moment in the score because for me, music triggers memory better than anything else. If I can't do this, it means the music is either too repetitive or too bland and can't connect with the scene. I have even teared up at "Buying the Space Farm" because I can actually feel the emotion in the music. The best death scene music, IMO, was "The Bridge of Khazad Dum". But STID does a great job, too.
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