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Re: "Amazing Spider-man 2" discussion

^ Aaaand, now I'm having fun imagining what super-cheap placeholder Spidey movies Sony could cook up and give a tiny release to if they ever wanted to give the franchise a relative rest for a few years while retaining the rights...

Spider-Man: Jury Duty! Peter becomes a juror on a murder trial.
Peter Park: 21st Century Gentleman! Peter has a dream in which he never became Spider-Man, nor did he meet Gwen or MJ. Instead, it's a standard romcom in which he woos a random woman. The post-credits scene has him waking up.
Spider-Man: Before Moonrise! Peter attends a science conference in Barcelona, but stops a crime and misses his flight back. Luckily, a French conference attendee is still around, and they spend a night walking through the streets before his flight the next day.
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