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Re: concept art and set photos!

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Q: You worked with Production Designer Scott Chambliss on this film. What's he like to work with?
Interesting. He is a designer who looks for inspiration online. Every week he would find something that we should incorporate. He doesn't have a classical design education so designing something new is not really in his vocabulary. He is a very nice guy, I just don't think he should do Sci-Fi.
And yet he designed two Star Trek films that are beautiful to look at and have a realism to them; they don't seem as design as the old Trek productions.
I can't think of a single Chambliss Trek set that works at all -- the lighting and glass make for a glare-intensive work environment, which is the exact opposite of what you need in a control room. I think the KELVIN bridge was a little bit better in that regard, but still a real miss in terms of credibility.

If your idea of realism is contemporary pipe fittings, then I guess they won't be able to improve on this, but it sure ain't mine.

And that doesn't even get into the ugly factor. How they can take Saarinen inspiration for some structures and still have them come out so uninspiring just blows my mind. And if they had to use existing modern day stuff to shoot in, I'd have said shooting several of Calatrava's architectural marvels would have gone a long way toward seeming like a real exciting future.

In another thread here last week, I posted a bit from an interview I did with Chambliss shortly before 09 came out, and based on what he said and what I then saw, this concept art guy sounds dead on target. Ballsy as hell to go on the record though.
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