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Re: Updating FJ's technical manual?

this here discussin came up about auxiliary control and the emergency bridge at a technocon i sneaked into years ago. fact be they say that mr. joseph was an aerospace deisgner with some knowldge of military designs and how there be certain realismz and consistencies between command centers. i dont remember all of it but they said mr. joseph wanted plausiblity more than a borg-like attention to certain set deisigns that be limited by budget. them nerds were a sayin that locating an emergency bridge with computer banks and in the center of the ship was the most believable element of any ship design be it now or in the 23rd centrury. these here same get a lifer folks told me his blueprints represented the enterprise as she would have appeared following the 3 aird seasons. it be a composite of sorts of differnt models plus logical deductions. see there be this book a called 'the makin of star trek' which summarized the ships decks and it was the basis for the blueprints. they be both approved of by the bird (peace be upon his soul) so like one builds upon another. or so they a tell me. i dont know what to believe no more. but these guys were all techno gurus of some learnin. all tos could afford was one lamo console and some grillwork to depict auxilary control. mr. joseph a took it a step beyond. so the addition of more consoles and more bridgey-likness be 'logical' they say. im also a told this be why he placed it on deck 7 stead of deck 8: it be better protected and it be stated in that book. so them geeks a take it to be an upgrade. i think they called the new breed of constituion an archernar, and that be a step up from what they termed a bon homeboy configuration design representing the series ship. they again told me that the defiant be built originally a bon homeboy class starship of this particular design which be what the other constitutions be refitted to. that be the production design of the series. i know it sounds confusin and it hurts my brain cellz from the inside out but i'm just a messenger a relayin to you what they geeked about for years and years down there in that stinkin bar with their posters and proejctions on walls. they also a said them names for them classes come from mr. josephs manual which in turn a came from 'the makin of star trek' and some production note or other. they a told me this be the way of the tech fandim gurus who truly respect the very roots of technogeekdofandomo.

yous take it up with them. they a tell me they wont a set foot here cause there be a curse on this here trek bbs. haunted by bad souls, bad vibes, and evil forcez that work against the intelligent minded men and women who kept to the core of mr. josephs teachins. being a man of god and a true godfearin xtian i truly believe them and i respect them wishes. indeed i only set foot here myself because i aint no nerd and because i be on a mission.
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