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Re: Star Trek: Starships Model/Magazine Subscription

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None of the ships from "Nemesis" were terribly memorable for me, for instance. Same goes for some of the alien ships from "Voyager" (kind of ambivalent about the Hirogen, Malon, and 8472 ships, though the Krenim one might be interesting). The Suliban cell ship doesn't sound very exciting (again, I'd rather have the Andorian ship or the second Vulcan ship). Ferengi Marauder? Meh. Bajoran sailing ship? Meh. I'm also not sure how many Borg designs need to get model treatment. (I think the cube and sphere are more than enough).
I think there's only 3 Borg ships. The Cube, Sphere, and the Queen "Diamond" ship.

Can't remember where I saw this question asked, but someone was asking what the Prototype Klingon Bird of Prey might be. Well, I think it's probably the Bird of Prey from ENT.
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