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Re: What did you like/dislike about Into Darkness (Spoilers)

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Giacchino is the best Trek film composer not named Goldsmith.

Horner: recycled his own stuff.
Rosenman and Eidelman: recycled others' stuff.
McCarthy: ZZzzzzzzzz....
Have to disagree. Horner is probably my second favorite in the Star Trek music family. Sure, he may have reused music, but he re-used the themes across both movies.
The issue with Horner is that he stole from himself for different films. Just listen to his music for Aliens and TSFS - is it the Klingon's theme or the Colonial Marines' theme.

It's great music though.

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Plus, I think Horner and Goldsmith's music is really part of the movie. In the 2009 film and now this one, there's never really time to appreciate the music because the scenes move so quickly. You would NEVER be able to do a "Stealing the Enterprise," today.
You are not watching a movie for the music, at least ideally you are not.
"Stealing the Enterprise" spans quite a few scenes, thus the length. But those scenes are moving much slower than they would in a modern film, and Horner can switch gears here more flowingly(?) and does so.
A composer has to cover much more ground in much shorter time these days.
Also, there is much more music in films these days than back then. The released CD of STID's score gives us only a fraction of what's in the movie.

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Goldsmith and Horner's music drove so many scenes. I see no sign of this Giacchino's. The closest would be the Enterprise's reveal in the first movie.
Or the whole London sequence of events in STID.

Besides, I presume you haven't watched either Star Trek or Star Trek Into Darkness without their scores. So you are not really in a position to say that Giacchino's music doesn't drive the scenes nor support or enhance them.
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