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Re: The Marianna Hill Thread

I was mildly annoyed with the throwaway line in the NuTrek comic adaptation of Where No Man Has Gone Before. Kirk asks if Dr Dehner is on the ship as her expertise might be useful, and McCoy says she turned down the job because, well, he shagged her and it ended badly.

So not only did they write out one of the few brassy, confident, and efficient female characters (and the only woman in the whole story), they did so by making her upset about a man, AND they missed an opportunity to feature Helen Noel.

In fact, now that I think about it, both Dehner and Noel are probably too young to be qualified psychiatrists in 2258...

I'm still keeping fingers crossed that they might wise up and use the character, although I'm never quite sure if there are rights issues and royalties that might act as a bar.
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