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Re: Updating FJ's technical manual?

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But given what has come to light in the intervening years we can see that some choices he made don't really gel with what we see onscreen. One biggee (for me) is him missing Auxiliary Control---it's nowhere in his plans and it was referred to (and seen) a number of times onscreen.

Agreed; the AC is a stumbling block for me as well. Although this is really just a problem for his plans and not the tech manual so much, even so, using "the Constellation is not the Enterprise" argument, I think FJ should have made some provision for it in his plans. It's unclear though, whether this was an intentional omission or just an oversight, but most likely the former?

While one gets the sense that FJ felt he had more leeway, and understandably so, with the “redress of the week” sets that appeared just once, like the phaser room for example; the AC was however, repeatedly seen and clearly intended to look the way we saw it, so FJ should have honored MJ’s intentions here. The same goes for the emergency manual monitor in engineering and the decompression chamber in the medical lab, although the latter was most likely omitted by mistake.

Still, I think the best way to “correct” this is to make one of FJ’s “emergency bridges” into an AC instead?
id just like to say that this here reminded me of a real world bitchin problem i had with 1701-d. see for the first few eps i kept a wondering where all the parties had gone. see back in the old dayz they were a like in every ep. so eventually some dude a tapped me on the shoulder and explaind it to me about picards ship and no parties. see he a told me that they were re-named 'away teams' and that there replaced 'landin parties'. so that got a me a thinking that mabye somewehre along the ways 'emergency bridge' kinda replaced 'auxiliary control' and lesse going by mr. joseph 'command intelligence' be another name for 'science station' which be another name for 'library computer station' on the big bridge.

fac t be, me a hangin with the get-a-lifers techno gurus a told me that names change and differnet thing can a mean the same. for instance toilet be water closet be head be rest room be shithouse.

and golly be me, mr. josephs manual dont show us them there pajama uniforms from the motion picture neither. so to maybe 9 people right here on this here thread mr. joseph be a fuckin-wrongo. just liek hed be for using alternate rank braid specs though they kinda to me look like theyd be chronologically between tos and tms. course i dont know this i only know what the get a lifer geeks a tell me. they swear by mr. josephs works and they are holy bird (peace be with him) affiliated workings.

and the ways i see it, 40 years be a wee bit too late to go and change something which inspired many a get a lifer geek to write countless prints manuals and other nerd-readins. and besides they appeard in no less than 3 of the screen flicks i paid good money to see.

fact be had these get a lifers a herd of yous sayin youd wanna rewrite such awesome books they a come a whomping and blasting about it. cause they live for it.
it merely takes, they tell me, education in the realms of tech fanin. you gotta buy the follow ups. you gotta read between the lines. you gotta remember its a changin uinivese and uniforms, signias, ship designs, change. if the graat joseph made an error another fan comes a long and tells me its a variation not an error. like there be more than one model of phaser in existence thru the fed across time and space dudez.
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