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Re: Currently Untitled JJverse Next Gen Production

Danlav05, I like your thoughts as to throwing in some other characters, even if just mentions of them, from the era. I've done a couple 20 minute productions in the past but this is still something I'll be taking step-by-step.

Xortex, I'm not gonna try to connect the dots too much, just a brief story early on establishing the same crew/cast of characters but each one will a bit different. Similar to how the JJverse has the same characters but in a unique way.
Star Trek characters have always been written to reflect their time, or at least when Roddenberry was still informed. The crews were purposely diverse to show the audience of their times how simple it'd be to all live in harmony. I wanna use the same characters as a way to do this again for our times now.

Kruezerman, I couldn't agree more. All I know is I want the setting to be Star Trek, using that as a way to tell interesting original stories with that an primarily the playground we'd get to work/live in. I have some ideas as to the original stories I want to tell just wanna keep those secret until the end.
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