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Re: Star Trek Continues "Pilgrim of Eternity"

I haven't always liked the tone of the interviews I've seen from the STC crew, sometimes it feels like they're trying to build themselves up by pushing others down a bit too much.

What I did like was this episode, particularly as a first episode.

Here are some of my impressions:

First, the cast.
Vic Mignogna as Kirk. I think Vic did a fantastic job as Kirk; he has the mannerisms and the body language down pat. His voice still throws me a bit, as it seems flatter and less resonant to my ears than anyone else I've heard play the role, but I thoroughly enjoyed his performance.
Larry Nemecek as Bones. He wasn't bad, I liked the expressiveness of his acting, but I liked Chuck Huber better in the vignettes. I think part of the problem is that he seemed a bit too much like Dr. Piper from the first pilot than McCoy...
Todd Haberkorn as Spock. I liked aspects of his performance, but wasn't as convinced by others. I do think he did a good job of depicting Spock's alien side, but he lacked the dramatic power. As with Kirk, I think the voice lacked something. Haberkorn's voice seemed somehow thinner to my ears than Nimoy's causing his delivery to lack the gravitas I think the role needs.
Chris Doohan as Scotty. Chris Doohan is Mr. Scott. 'Nuff said.

I thought Uhura was good, and Grant's Sulu was fun, although yes he was trying too hard at times. I didn't think Chekhov had enough screen time to make a difference.

Others have talked the story, and I agree, there were too many meetings, but it was a solid story, even if not perfect. More to the point, it really felt like Trek.

As to the two TNG shout-outs, I really thought McKenna's role was a good idea, but I didn't care for Scotty's invention in the teaser because it came across to me as pure fan-service. It really had nothing to do with the story, and that bothered me.

Great first episode and I want to see more.
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