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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

And you perfectly understand that you belong to a conquered and beaten slave race yourself my Texan friend?

Texas was an independent country in it's own right for nine years until the capitalist pig US forces invaded, ate your women, raped your cattle, and planted their flag.

How can you look at your face in the mirror every morning without the contempt of accepting that you let your evil overlords live?

What an odd new thought...

If Mexico had claimed your wide open planes instead of the US in 1845, and held on to those fresh and vital oilfields until some bastard knew what to do with them, would that have completely changed the shape of World War One? You can't tell me that Texas, Mexico and Germany wouldn't have sucked Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana in after a ridiculous show of force, situating a Greater Germanic Republic on the American continent, all but castrating the US as a superpower in the 20th century?

Oh, and if Kaiser Willy had won the first one, then Hitler wouldn't have had the political disporia to draw upon creating his own disgruntled powerbase, and stuck to house painting.

Oh. Did I just blame Texas for the hallocaust?

Sorry, these things really do get away from me sometimes.
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