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Re: Star Trek Continues "Pilgrim of Eternity"

The funny thing is over the years the world, his wife, his dog and everyone else in the neighbourhood has presented their version of 'Star Trek: The Original Series - Season Four and Five'. If not in fan films then in novels, comics (and several conflicting versions by DC/Marvel/IDW etc) and even the Peter Pan Record sets. This could sound like a moan, but no it's proof there are still many tales to be told with Kirk, Spock and the original crew.

The opening episode, like the vignettes, was a very polished production but not without flaws. The story was OK but could have perhaps been better. The acting for the most part was fine, particularly Chris Doohan and Vic's Kirk has grown on me with a full episode. I agree with the Grant Imahara comments, the 'big scene' on the hull was let down because he didn't look that serious, more like smiling. The guest cast was quite a coup with Michael Forest returning, Jamie Bamber cameoing and I had to smile at the computer voice - perhaps because there were several calls for Marina Sirtis to take over from her on-screen mother for Star Trek Into Darkness. Again, the fans got there first!

A big surprise with the opening scene and new crew member are the throw forwards to The Next Generation.

I love Phase II, and stylistically they are more modern, even changing the ship ready for TMP, but Continues is solidly TOS continued, and one could almost believe it was made in the 60s, just recently rediscovered and remastered. I said in the opening paragraph that people still have hundreds of stories to tell for Kirk and crew, I look forward to seeing where STC goes.
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