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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

Did that TV spot have Jor-El talking to Hobo Clark (I will always refer to stupid beared Superman as hobo clark, even though he most likely isn't actually a hobo)? Also, is the promotional stuff for the movie just going out of its way to remind me of its stupidest scene any of the trailers/tvspots had (Johnathon Kent: Supporter of child drowning)?

As for the trailer, I'm not a fan of the stupid tV interference stuff, like someone is giving you a message through your TV. Zod wanting Superman so much (instead of just ruling the world) is kind of weird (so is him somehow having an army or tech instead of just him using superpowers to be evil) but I won't count that against the trailer since the movie could have a bunch of legitimate reasons for Zod wanting him and seeming to have an army/dangerous tech.

When it comes to the makers of the movie, I've lightened a little bit on Nolan (damn Inception and Memento for being awesome) but this movie still doesn't look very good. It would be hilarious if I don't like it more because of Snyder's influence instead of Nolan's. That said, its still giving me a Dark Knight/Rises vibe, and the action scenes aren't really taking away from that. Also, I just thought of this, what happened to Jor-El just being a genius scientist? Does everyone need to be an action hero in this? I wonder if Lois will pick up some fallen soldiers rocket launcher and start attacking the bad guys Some of the scenes in the trailer also make it look like its trying (poorly) to rip off the avengers, but thats probably just the trailer editing, I hope. Its not going to beat Avengers, it doesn't have the talent in any area to do that. I hope its not trying to rip it off with the alien invasion.

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I preferred the previous trailer. This one looks like it was cut to attract the action-action-pow-pow crowd.
So, its for the Michael Bay/JJ Abrams crowd?
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