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Re: One particular SPOILER from The Name of the Doctor

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It would be easier to fit him into Baker's period when he starts to slip off in 'Robot'. He presumably had that adventure on Leela's planet and became known as the evil one. Also, as seen with Romana, Timelords can change bodies shapes during a regeneration period. The Doctor, in his post regeneration delirium becomes the John Hurt Doctor. He does some questionable stuff and returns to Earth as Baker with the guilt and secret of what he'd done on his mind.
The problem there is that "The Evil One" from "The Face of Evil" was clearly shown to have Tom Baker's face. That's why he was recognized as the Evil One when he arrived there later.
That's why I mentioned Romana, he could become Hurt, do something worse, and go back to Baker. It's an easier fit that sipping him between Troughton and Pertwee. I don't expect this any more than the 2/3 insertion. Between McGann and Eccleston is far more likely and has a ready made story in the Time War or its fallout.

That's it! The Watcher pulls off his mask to reveal he is John Hurt!*

* not a serious suggestion.
He's the Rani.
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