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What does Star Trek mean to you?

I've been thinking about this a lot lately. Although it is just fantasy, my days aren't quite complete without some form of Trek in them. I don't know about other fans, but Trek has taught me so much, and even taught me to be curious of the world around us, something I never used to be. Its metaphorical approach has made me think and study a lot of real life issues. DS9 for instance got me reading about religion's place in society, and whilst science never interested me as a child, I'm finding myself reading more and more about it and its endless possibilities.

Whenever I'm down, watching or reading a bit of Star Trek takes me away from the worries and stresses of real life. It's so expansive ensuring I never get bored, and I honestly can't imagine not being a Trekkie! My partner doesn't understand it, but I think I speak for most Trekkies when I say Star Trek is a huge part of our lives. I'm not even ashamed to admit something fictional can play its part in shaping our personalities, and make us who we are.

I doubt I am alone in this stance, and wondered what Star Trek means to you?
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