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Re: One particular SPOILER from The Name of the Doctor

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Miles and Wood explain that viewing Hartnell-to-Troughton and Troughton-to-Pertwee as a regeneration like Tennant-to-Smith is a retrospective retcon; it makes sense to call those events "regeneration" in light of later stories, but the terms in which the stories themselves approached the matter aren't similar to the way regenerations are approached later. Hartnell to Troughton was a "rejuvenation" -- the TARDIS made the Doctor younger
Whoever those guys are, they need to do better research. The word actually used in "The Power of the Daleks" was "renewal," not "rejuvenation." (Transcript) There's nothing said about getting younger, just about being renewed. "It's part of the TARDIS. Without it, I couldn't survive."

It's not until "The Invasion of Time" that the idea that regeneration is a natural thing Time Lords do takes root, because the series needed to explain why Borusa looked different, and then "Destiny of the Daleks" normalizes it.
That's completely untrue. From "Planet of the Spiders":
K'ANPO: Indeed. I regenerated and came to Earth, to Tibet.
SARAH: Regenerated?
DOCTOR: Yes. Yes, when a Time Lord's body wears out, he regenerates, becomes new.
K'ANPO: That is why we can live such a long time.
That seems to be the earliest use of the word "regenerate" for the process. And that story featured both K'anpo and the Doctor regenerating (with K'anpo projecting his future regeneration as a seemingly separate individual, perhaps similarly to the Watcher in "Logopolis").

And Borusa first appeared in "The Deadly Assassin," a story that referenced Time Lords as a whole having a standard "regeneration cycle" that was limited to 12 regenerations. (Transcript)

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As for the change in personality, I think that's overblown. It's a facet of the JNT era, but with the first four Doctors I don't really see anything that one would do or behave that the other three would not.
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I don't buy it. Pertwee is pretty much the opposite of Troughton in behaviour and mannerisms. One's a hobo, one's trying to be the king of style and class.
I agree. The first four Doctors were extremely different from one another in personality, certainly more so than the past three or four have been. And when the first three met, they saw each other as very different people and didn't think much of their other selves.

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It would be easier to fit him into Baker's period when he starts to slip off in 'Robot'. He presumably had that adventure on Leela's planet and became known as the evil one. Also, as seen with Romana, Timelords can change bodies shapes during a regeneration period. The Doctor, in his post regeneration delirium becomes the John Hurt Doctor. He does some questionable stuff and returns to Earth as Baker with the guilt and secret of what he'd done on his mind.
The problem there is that "The Evil One" from "The Face of Evil" was clearly shown to have Tom Baker's face. That's why he was recognized as the Evil One when he arrived there later.
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