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mos6507 wrote: View Post
Khan's a monster but he's also supposed to be a super-genius...
"Wile E. Coyote. Super-Genius."

Still never caught that roadrunner, though.

Tommunist wrote: View Post
In fact, that type of conflict is what TNG worked very well in, it's entertaining to watch, and we remind ourselves that there are more than one way to be "right", and maybe we all have it a little "wrong".
As hard to write it here as it is for the guys writing for TV.

I do get weirded out by the odd accusation that my various (I thought innocent) posts reveal my "hidden agenda". So hidden, it's even hidden from myself. Still never worked that one out.

And yes, it's also tricky if you've been living with a ST truism for four decades and you finally find out it's not necessarily the only interpretation. Or when an innocent typographical error in the ST Encyclopedia becames a mandated change because novel authors of a particular era were told to use the ST Encyclopedia as the definitive guide for all spellings.

But that's all part of the fun of being in a fandom.

I disliked "ST V: The Final Frontier" and a lot of early DS9 and VOY, but I stuck with them through (often) multiple viewings because even really "bad" ST can have little gems to enjoy - and most ST withstands repeat viewings, with new insights waiting to be discovered.

Tommunist wrote: View Post
As far as their discussions on "needless" fan service: I enjoy the nods. To the casual movie-goer, they don't register as such. But if you are a long time fan, they are there for our "enjoyment".
Always a no-win scenario for the writers.

Had STiD had few or no easter eggs whatsoever, you can bet this board would be maligning Bad Robot for "lost opportunities".

* "You could have toyed with the fans more by giving Carol Marcus a hairstyle that immediately reminded us of a previous canon character, such as Elizabeth Dehner!"

* "That trader vessel could have been confiscated from a known trader, such as... Harry Mudd. Or his daughter. Or some K'Normians from TMP."

* "Talking about traders, you could have dropped a hint about Cyrano Jones' wherabouts. And he could have brought on board... tribbles!"

* "You could have been really brave and made John Harrison reveal that he was... Khan!"
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