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Re: Movies that OFFEND you

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I can't stand those "your home town is the place you are suppose to be and you forgot how good it was" - my home town is a shithole, I''d rather sell crack than go back there.
Hell, I actually liked my hometown, but there's nothing wrong with pulling up your roots and moving somewhere else when the opportunity arises. I've been doing it every 10-15 years or so. Keeps life interesting.

And I think that, in general, it's good for young people to be reminded that the world is bigger than the town or neighborhood they grew up in. Getting out and seeing the world is generally a good thing.
Bear in mind I'm an academic so I often have to watch a caricature of myself undergoing the highly simplistic "feel don't think" conversation process which is shown as a sign of growth in many films rather than a insulting false dilemma.
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