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Re: Star Trek Continues "Pilgrim of Eternity"

I was very impressed with Michael Forrest and Vic's performances as well Mr. Doohan. I watched without the sound 'cause I can't find the sound control and I would like to hear the main theme (Is it the same as TOS?), but Larry Nemecek is trying too hard as if he's trying to write with his acting. OTOH, The Spock actor doesn't seem to be trying hard enough to be imposing and powerful. Didn't catch who wrote it, but if he did, nice bit of writing. I thoroughly liked the story and enjoyed the SFX and the directing and the editing, though story and music is what I know best. Did they use TOS incidental music? The story was spot on excellent even if it was a sequel. It was beautifully produced. Uhura was fantastic.
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