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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own ris

Oh God. Starbuck, pilot extraordinaire who can fly a biomechanical alien ship by pressing on its spleen, the best shot in and out of the cockpit who's even better than trained marine sharpshooters, who can interrogate a suspect better than marines or police, who can plan an attack better than the suddenly unintelligent and incompetent Apollo and Tigh with 40 years experience, who can beat a professional pyramid player, Anders, even though she hasn't played in years and less than a month earlier crushed her knee is now the dying religious leader of prophecy, too?? Please God noooooo! We accept that Starbuck's a competent woman, RDM and that we're sexist pigs for thinking she's anything but practically perfect in every way. No more, no more!!!!

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