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Re: Star Trek III - The [Speculation Begins] (Spoilers)

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How so?
It just strikes me that way. It's like taking two concepts that were pretty far removed from each other and bridging the gap, and then having to do a whole bunch of shoehorning to make it work. In a sense, STID struck me that way a little bit, but it wasn't nearly on the scale of what the Borg would be.

Sure it will. There's a logical succession:
It just requires too many leaps for me. Like they already jumped through a bunch of hoops to get the first movie done. Fortunately there was a lot less of that in STID. I'd prefer they stick to that and just pick a story that flows from the last two in some way. Cater to a story that works rather than just picking by race/setting.

Actually, it would be more like remaking Cheers, and this time have Niles come in with Frasier from time to time.
Except Niles is a character. The Borg aren't characters (with the exception of the queen). They're drones or set pieces. They're a piece of science fiction used to tell a story, and nothing more. That's why I compared sets, not characters. And it's not even so much the setting in terms of place, but of time.

Now if they used the queen, then yeah, that comparison doesn't really work as well. But I thought the general consensus was that the Borg Queen as a concept neutered the Borg and made them less special. I understand why there was a need for her inclusion, but it's not exactly something that I'm begging for more of. Especially, the petty, vindictive, arrogant Borg Queen.
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