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Re: Romulan origin question

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It makes me wonder exactly how long Vulcans have been a spacefareing species, if an offshoot of them on another planet had time to develop into another species. They should be all over the galaxy by now.
Didn't ENT establish the Vulcan's weren't overly huge on exploring? Certainly compared to humans
Throughout the early years that is the stated philosopy among Vulcans, though the season 4 arc consisting of The Forge, Awakening, and Kir'shara kind of debunks this. Particularly, in The Forge, Syrran tells Archer the Vulcan High Command originally started off as Vulcan's space exploration service before taking over the government. Archer comments that he heard Vulcans weren't into space exploration and Syrran says "I'm sure you've been told many things which aren't true about Vulcans."
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